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About Myanmar

One  and  a  half  times  the  size  of  France,  this  exotic  country  conceals  countless  treasures.  It  is  bordered  in  the  north by Bangladesh, India and is buttressed by the Himalayas. To the west you can find thousands of kilometers of coastal beaches, many of them still in a virgin state. Then to the east lies China, Laos and Thailand. In that part of Myanmar is sheltered more than one hundred ethnic groups. The nation itself consists of 7 states and 7 divisions that contain a population of approximately 55 million people. And the unique warmth and kindness of its people makes Myanmar an ideal and safe SE Asian country to visit and explore.

Its  thousand-year-old  history  is  filled  with  ethnic  wars  that  were  part  of  nation-building  efforts  and  numerous  stone monuments and wall paintings in pagodas help trace the evolution of such events. The predominant religion remains Theravada  Buddhism  and  a  majority  of  the  population  is  devoutly  attached  to  its  faith.  The  countless  pagodas  and monasteries that dot the land provide ample testimony to historic building programs over many many centuries.

It’s the diversity of its landscapes, its historical, architectural, archaeological and cultural treasures which make Myanmar the country with the richest patrimony in this part of South East Asia.

Myanmar is the country in this part of the world where the traveler, still rare, can fulfill all of his travel dreams. He can appreciate the softness of the sand at amazing beaches, make treks in the jungle or in the mountains, cruise or dive in the archipelago of the Mergui islands, and descend the Irrawaddy river in a boat etc. To easily explore the country he can also choose one of our “Package Tours”, Thematic Tours, or ask us to prepare a “Tailor Made Tour”.

Archipelago Mergui

Mergui archipelago of islands stretches south of Myanmar Dawei to the Thai border. It is a set of more than 800 islands scattered in a beautiful sea. Far from everything, from the crowd, with fabulous beaches these islands are inhabited by Moken

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